How To Get Files Off a Broken Laptop

broken laptop

Electronic devices have always been unpredictable. Even though nowadays, we get a warranty on almost all sorts of electronics. But still, there are certain conditions applied upon warranty. Therefore, today, we’re going to talk about how to get files off a broken laptop.

The laptop is one of those devices that I break a lot. Sometimes due to carelessness and sometimes accidentally. As said above, a warranty comes under certain conditions with laptops. And most times, the hardware breaks, or the software leaves working.

And if you work on a laptop, that for sure the first thing that comes to your mind is your files and data on the laptop.

Will you be able to recover the data from the broken laptop? The good news is that there is a lot of new stuff in the market that can help us with almost any sort of damaged device including laptops.

In this post, we’re going to see what sort of problems what solutions there are. And will you be able to get files off a broken laptop in a worst-case scenario? In the following paragraphs, we’re going to discuss these things.

So, without taking much time let’s get straight onto it!

How to get files off a broken laptop:

First of all, let’s talk about physical damage. Most of the time the laptops break unintentionally due to our carelessness or due to children. Is there any method to recover data from a totally broken laptop? Let’s take a look at this case.

Recover data from physically damaged laptop:

First of all the good news is that laptops have different components just like desktop computers. So, when the motherboard of the CPU gets damaged. Its other components don’t.

So, if the laptop is totally broken but the hard drive is safe. That you’re out of danger.

You can easily get the data off the broken laptop. For that, you need to buy a small hard drive case available. And using that small device you can connect the hard drive without any other laptop.

And from there you can transfer all your files from the old hard drive to the second laptop and your problem gets solved!

However, there are some cases the hard drive also gets damaged. In such cases, it’s pretty hard to recover the information, unfortunately!

But anyway, you might not be that unfortunate that even the hard drive gets damaged.

Recover program from a laptop that doesn’t turn on:

The second case is a bit different. Many times our laptop doesn’t turn on suddenly unexpectedly. Again there are two possibilities here.

Firstly, the operating system of the laptop might have confronted any sort of issue. And due to that reason, the laptop doesn’t turn on.

Or you bought an already damaged laptop as I said once. Some years ago I bought a refurbished laptop from a main bazaar. And I didn’t check that completely.

The problem with the laptop was that the laptop’s motherboard was totally rusted. And the seller had just kept it maintained for the buyer.

When I bought the laptop and brought it home. The laptop stopped working within the first week, and upon checking, I found that the motherboard was totally destroyed, and as it wasn’t getting turned on. I was unable to get my data off the laptop.

broken laptop

So, again I had to detach the hard drive from the laptop and transfer all my files from the hard drive to the second laptop using the first method told above.

In the second scenario, the possibility might be that the laptop’s operating system might not respond due to some malware or crash. In that case, too, there are multiple ways to recover the program from the laptop.

Firstly need to apply all the troubleshooting methods to turn the laptop on and reinstall the operating system. I don’t think that the laptop gets dead permanently due to the system crash.

There must be methods to turn the laptop on. And if I start to discuss that. So, it will certainly take a much longer article. So, there will defiantly be guides online on how to turn on the crashed laptop.

So, in the second case, it’s much easier to get the data off a broken laptop.

How to get files off a broken hard drive:

I have seen cases where the laptop works perfectly fine. The laptop doesn’t get a scratch even. But we can’t access the data from the hard drive.

This happens mostly with traditional old HDD drives, which are also called disk drives. These kinds of hard drives usually stop working when they get older.

And upon accessing the data in the hard drive, the computer shows errors like formatting the hard drive and so on!

Well, in that case, you should be careful enough not to format the drive. If that is damaged a little. Then there are still methods to fix the problem unless that is totally dead.

In case of partial damage, there is software whose purpose is to get the data off the drive, when it’s impossible in normal conditions.

One such kind of software is Disk Drill. it is a Mac-specific software that allows you to recover data from broken hard drives or partially damaged hard drives.

You can visit the official website and install the software on your Mac and easily recover your data.

Moreover, if you’re a Windows user, then there are a bunch of software for the Windows operating system too, such as Recuva.

I don’t recommend any specific software for now. I would like to give one piece of advice if you’re a professional and the data means a lot to you. Then you should use the paid version of the software rather than the free version.

And upon checking you get dozens of free and paid software out there.

Wrapping Up:

With the advancement in the technology field. We’re getting new methods to keep our data safe and solutions to recover data. In the case of laptops. There is always the possibility of any unfortunate occurrence.

Every data thousands of laptops get damaged and thousands are lost or stolen.

But thanks to technology, you’ll eventually find a solution to your problem. And if you’re facing a problem with your broken laptop. Then the above are some solutions to your problem.

And still, you’re unable to recover data from any of the methods discussed above. Feel free to reach out to us. We’ll try to help you ASAP.

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