How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen?

If you have a problem with the white spot on your laptop. So this guide is especially for you because today we will guide you to Remove the White Spot on your Laptop Screen. This is very easy to do if you just follow some steps that I will share with you. Those steps that I will share with you may help you in any situation. I will share what is the white spot on the laptop Remove the White Spot on the Laptop Screen. You can easily do it because it is not very hard and I will share the steps in an easy way. For doing this you need some tools that I will say to you which tools you need for doing this.

Causes For The White Spot On Laptop

Basically, The common cause is that it stuck the pixels and it is one of the most common causes. The second one is that you will find a hardware issue in your laptop because of the white spot. Another one is the same that there will be software issues and there will be many problems inside your laptop. If you have bought a new laptop I hope they give you a one-year warranty so you will find the white spot on your screen. So you should call the service or you should change or anything else. If they don’t give you any warranty today I will guide you on how you can remove it easily.

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen

Now you know about Remove White Spots on Laptop Screens you can just solve your problem in an easy way. You should only follow some steps and you need some materials. Those materials you will easily get from your home and you don’t have you should easily buy them. You can just call the service also and they will help you if not so you should follow my steps.

Indeed Materials

1: Q-Tips

2: Small Prying Tool.

3: Gloves

4: Super Glue.

5: Medium Screwdriver.

6: Small Screwdriver.


  1. First turn off your laptop from the settings.

  2. Then remove all the screws in the back of your screen.

  3. After that you should pull out the metal tabs.

  4. Then take out the speaker and the speaker connectors.

  5. Then just off the circuit board and lift the metal board.

  6. Lift the tabs carefully and look for the drop reflector.

  7. To add adhesive use the Q-Tips(Place the glue around the where the mirror fell)

  8. Place the reflector in place after applying the glue and hold it until it is crushed.

  9. Execute the whole method to build your computer to reverse.

This all the steps in removing the white spot from your laptop. You should do it very carefully you can see that it is somehow it is hard. You should do it with gloves if you don’t there will be glue on your hands and there will be a problem. I hope the white spot has been removed from your laptop. I shared it in an easy way and I just talked about the materials also that which things you need to do inside your laptop.

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This is the end of this guide and I hope you get it. I hope you just solved your problem by the help of this guide. I try very well that I should share the steps in an easy way and you can see how hard or easy it is. I shared steps by steps for you because you should get it. I shared some points about the cause and also shared some points about the white spot in this guide. Lastly, I will say that if you have any conclusions about the guide you should comment below. We will research it and we will share it with you.

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