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Lenovo ThinkPad vs ASUS VivoBook

ASUS laptop

Nowadays laptops are trending whether you work in an office, you’re a student, or even a gamer. Laptops fit in all dimensions. With two many brands and those two many brands having too many laptops, it’s pretty difficult to choose the right one, Isn’t it?

The good news is that now you don’t need to get frustrated with decision-making. We’ve started a new series of guides, in which we will be comparing two laptops and announcing the final winner after careful observation. There with the initiation of the series today, our guide is about Lenovo ThinkPad vs ASUS VivoBook.

These two brands are among the top five best laptop brands in the world. And both manufacture some of the world’s best machines.

But still, there are things that have gaps that have to be filled. In the following paragraphs, we’re going to compare both laptops, with respect to price, durability, performance, attributes, and all other stuff.

And consequently, our honest and expert, review in the final paragraphs, which one you should buy and why.

Lenovo ThinkPad Versus ASUS VivoBook – Which one is the best:

Now, we’re going to consider and look at the complete specs of both laptops one by one, and which areas, which laptop is better. And therefore, which one should you buy for what occasion? So, stay on the reading, and let’s find out!

Look and design:

It has been seen that ASUS laptops are considered to be more classy. The Vivo books and other subcategories like the new Zenbook series, have a sleek design and look.

The ASUS Vivo books are pretty thin and lightweight with all the specs and parts that a good laptop has. The design is pretty good, with the black color. Moreover, the ports, at the side of the laptops are also more than enough.

On the other hand, the Lenovo ThinkPad is also not bad in comparison with ASUS for a look. the Lenovo laptop is also pretty thin and easy to carry anywhere. The number of ports at the side is less than those in the ASUS laptop.

But still, there are enough ports in the Lenovo laptop that usually we all need. If we talk about the net weight of both laptops. Both have a very small difference. The ASUS Vivobook comes with a weight of 3.16Ib, whereas the weight of the Lenovo ThinkPad is 3.17.

So, as per the looks of the laptop, I would give an edge to the ASUS VivoBook.

Specfications and Performance:

One of the most important and fundamental attributes of laptops. The specs, and performance. Well, both models come in varieties of different specs. The Lenovo Thinkpad has more than 7 variants and the ASUS VivoBook comes with more than four variants.

Both models come with AMD Ryzen processors and Nvidia graphics cards. Upon comparing the performance of both laptops, we can say that there is not much difference between them.

Each variety of laptops has a bit different specs, like RAM And storage, which affect the overall performance of the laptop.

So, in short, we decide on a tie between the Lenovo ThinkPad vs ASUS VivoBook in terms of performance and specifications.

Screen and Display:

If you’re a die-hard gamer or a designer, then the display matters the most to you. Let’s see, which model is superior in terms of display? The ASUS VivoBook vs Lenovo ThinkPad.

Well, the ASUS VivoBook comes with a 15.6″ OLED display, which is one of the best in the market. The screen is pretty satisfying, as also the OLED technology, which has been used here.

Moreover, on the other hand, the Lenovo ThinkPad comes with a 15.6″ 60Hz IPS display. One thing, that I consider, in the Lenovo ThinkPad, is the 60Hz refresh rate, which is not so good, in comparison with the latest 120Hz or 160Hz laptops.

So again, for the display comparison, here is a clear winner, the ASUS VivoBook is a better option according to our analysis.

Price Tag:

How we can forget about the cost of the laptops? Well, in this regard, we’ll know that Lenovo is popular for being a cheaper alternative for Laptops. And bear in mind, cheaper doesn’t mean weaker or less worthy.

Whether you observe the ThinkPad, Legion, or Lenovo Yoga. These are comparatively less expensive than their counterparts.

The same thing happens here. If we compare the closest variant of both laptops. We can surely say that the Lenovo ThinkPad comes in a better price range than the ASUS VivoBook.

Both laptops have a minimum price difference of $100 in the United States, with the closest counterpart.

So, in the battle of price, tag we announced the Lenovo ThinkPad as a clear winner. And as already said, cheaper doesn’t mean worse always.

Additional Attributes:

So, lastly, there are some other things that we can collectively compare such as battery life, portability, gaming attributes, and so on.

Coming towards, battery life, the Lenovo laptop claims the ThinkPads to have better battery life than ASUS VivoBook. But again the difference in the battery life isn’t so wide.

Moreover, the thing that I like the most about the ASUS Vivobook for gaming is that it comes with dual cooling fans. This means that the ASUS Vivobook performs best and longer in gaming sessions.

And I wish, I would see the same in the ThinkPad.

Moreover, the keyboards, in both laptops don’t feel to be a lot different. Both have a pretty comfortable and good keyboard and overall structure.

There was a little bit of comparison, between both laptops. So, let’s come to the final phase, which one is the best option to buy if you want to choose one of these?

Lenovo ThinkPad vs ASUS VivoBook:

Lenovo ThinkPad:

Lenovo ThinkPad

ASUS VivoBook:


Making a decision is always a difficult task. Because you have to consider each and every respect of the product. And in the case of Lenovo ThinkPad vs ASUS VivoBook, we compared both laptops in every possible respect.

One thing, that Lenovo has the edge is its price range. A specific variant of the Lenovo ThinkPad comes at a clearly cheaper price than its counterpart of a competitor.

On the other hand, there are some specs, that VivoBook is better at. Such as gaming, the dual fan system in the VivoBook is no doubt an edge, if you want to choose any of them for gaming.

So, our experience end expertise, says that if you want to buy a laptop for gaming between these two laptops. Then the VivoBook is a better option.

On the other hand as a student, or if you want a laptop for the office, then Lenovo ThinkPad isn’t a bad choice. So, depending on the purpose of buying the laptop, now you can easily make your final decision after reading this guide.

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