How To Connect Laptop To Samsung Smart Tv Wirelessly

Mirror laptop on Samsung tv

Technology has penetrated the screens too. In the past where our televisions used to be 10-13″, today those TVs have been changed to smart TV with more than 50″ screens. Nowadays, almost every home in the United States has a smart TV through which we can also access the internet world.

If you’re someone from the US reading this article out, you might not have needed to connect your laptop to a Samsung smart TV wirelessly. But in Asian countries, it’s a better and cheaper way to connect a laptop with a smart TV and watch movies for free.

Being an Asian (Writer) I download my movies on my laptop so that later I could watch those movies without any interaction. Then whenever I get free at home, I watch a movie with my family on a bigger screen by connecting my Samsung Smart TV wirelessly.

And due to relatively lower internet speed, it is pretty hard to watch movies in full HD mode on bigger screens. So, the best solution, I have found for this is that download my movies in the daytime. And whenever I get free time with my family, I connect my laptop to the Samsung Smart TV and watch those movies without any issue.

You might also be anyone, who has landed on this article, for such purposes, or want to connect your laptop with the TV for any other purposes. In this article, we’ve focused on providing methods for the Samsung Smart TV users, But if you’ve Smart TV from any other brand, You can try out these methods with other smart TVs as well.

So, without taking much time, let’s get straight on the topic, and check how many ways are there to connect the laptop to Samsung Smart TV wirelessly.

Connect the laptop to Samsung Smart TV wirelessly through Chromecast:

Chromecast is a feature available with the Google Chrome app. As we all use Chrome on our smartphones, laptops, and Smart TVs. Therefore, Chromecast is the easiest, cheapest, and most straightforward method to connect laptops with Smart TV wirelessly.

Moreover, configuring the Chromecast also needs a few steps, and then you can mirror your laptop to a smart TV.

  1. First of all, we recommended you connect your laptop and the Smart TV to the same wifi router.
  2. Open Google Chrome on the laptop, and tap on the Three dots at the right top side of the screen.
  3. In the dropdown, you’ll observe the Cast option.
  4. Afterward, Turn on your Samsung Smart TV, and open the google app.
  5. Then from the laptop, tap on the cast option. It will start looking for the devices.
  6. After finding the Smart TV, pair both devices and now the laptop screen will show up on the smart TV.

Finally, you can now watch your movies on a bigger screen. You can also play video games on the Samsung Smart TV. But this method might not the best option for mirroring video games on the smart TV.

Connect the laptop to Samsung Smart TV wirelessly through an app:

There is another good method to connect laptops with the Smart TV and access the data from both devices. That method is the Samsung Smart View App.

The Samsung Smart View is app is an official app released by Samsung for its Smart TV users. This app enables users to access data including movies, songs, and other documents from any device including laptops, PCs, smartphones, and Smart TVs.

So, let’s check how you can connect your laptop, smartphone, and smart TV wirelessly through this app.

  1. First of all, install the Samsung Smart View app on your laptop.
  2. Keep both devices connected with the same wifi network.
  3. Run the app, click on Connect to TV, and the app will start searching for the connections.
  4. After finding the smart TV, pair both devices and start streaming your movies through the Samsung smart TV wirelessly.

Another advantage of this app is that you can access and interlink your phones, laptops, desktops, and smart TV and can share files between each one seamlessly. So, why don’t you try out the app once?

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There are several ways to connect laptops to Samsung smart TV. But our main focus in this guide was the wireless methods of connection. And after trying our different methods, we brought these two best methods to connect your laptop to your smart TV wirelessly.

Moreover, if you encounter any sort of problem during the process, feel free to ask us through the comment section. We would be delighted to reach out.

Additionally, how did you find this article? Do tell us in the comment section.


Can I use the app with other smart TVs?

Unfortunately not, the app is compatible only with Samsung smart TV. However, most other brands also have similar apps. Check out the apps of your particular smart TV.

Can Chromecast be used with smartphones and smart TV?

Currently, this feature isn’t available with smartphones. But in the future, we might get this feature on our Mobile Chrome too.

Why laptop is unable to connect with the laptop through Chromecast?

The biggest reason is device compatibility. Most old laptops don’t have such a feature. Check out your laptop for other options.

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