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macOS Catalina remained one of the most successful operating systems for Mac. And Since its release three years too, it is functional on millions of devices.

However, there has always been a problem with the Mac operating system. And the problem is that Apple doesn’t recommend running its operating systems on devices other than Mac.

And we know that currently in the PC and laptop industry Apple stands in the sixth spot, and Lenovo is at the top of the chart. So, in this case, what should you do? If you have a Lenovo laptop or any other laptop other than Mac. How you can install macOS Catalina on your laptop?

Today in this guide, we’re going to guide our readers that how they can install macOS Catalina on any laptop. And then, we’ll put our thoughts. What we recommend to our loyal readers, who trust us and our guides.

So, without taking much time, let’s dive in!

How to install macOS Catalina on any laptop?

There are basically a lot of techniques or methods that can help you to install macOS Catalina on any laptop, but most people use the three most secure and popular methods for the installation of macOS Catalina on laptops and PC.

Those three methods are,

  1. Hackintosh
  2. Bootcamp
  3. Virtual Machines

These three methods are the most widely practiced methods for the installation of Mac operating systems on non-mac devices.

1: Coming towards Hackintosh, the latest Mac operating systems such as Big Sur and Monterey, are being introduced with enhanced features and security. Therefore, most people who try to install these OSes on their laptops don’t succeed due to security measures.

Moreover, we also don’t support the Hackintosh techniques to install macOS on any laptop.

Therefore, this technique is getting older, and people are avoiding this method for the installation of macOS Catalina on laptops.

2: The second method, which is popular among people is Bootcamp. This has been one of the most used methods to install macOS Catalina on any laptop.

This technique is quite a long and lengthy process. Because it needs a lot of reverse engineering in the laptop. Moreover, you also need to download additional software and programs, that allow the laptop to install.

The bad thing about this method is that most machines don’t support this method. And if you’re a non-techy guy too. You might get confused due to its long process.

In short, if you’re doing it, or you’re habitual of such shortcuts, Bootcamp is one of the best methods for you to install macOS Catalina on a laptop. But if you’re not techy, and want some simpler way to do this. The Bootcamp isn’t for you.

Therefore, the only method that remains is the Virtual Machine.

3: Virtual Machines, as by name it appears something being virtual. But don’t worry! you’re not going to install macOS Catalina Virtually.

Just joking!

Actually, modern devices use virtual machine software to install Mac operating systems on their non-mac laptops.

In fact, this is the most widely used and straightforward method to install macOS Catalina on any laptop including HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, and so on.

No doubt this technique is also a bit lengthy. But as far as we tested, this is the most recommended method if you want to install macOS on your laptop.

Because virtual machines were primarily developed and introduced to people who want to install and test Mac operating systems on any laptop.

Moreover, officially Apple Inc has also allowed the use of virtual machines for the installation of Mac operating systems. However, there are some limitations regarding the permission.

So, if you’re want to install macOS Catalina on any laptop, the Virtual Machines software the best option to do it. Here again, there are a number of virtual machine software in the market. But what we recommend are only two software. The first one if the VMware software and the second is Virtualbox.

VMware programs are the core programs by VMWare Inc that allow users to install multiple operating systems on a single laptop or desktop. The firm lasts a variety of paid software that you can use for the installation of multiple programs on your laptop. Some of its popular products are the VMWare workstation, Fusion, etc.

On the other hand, there is the Virtualbox software, which works almost in the same ways as the VMware programs work. But the biggest plus point of the VirtualBox is that this is open-source free software available for everyone for installation.

For those students especially, who don’t have money, and want to check virtual machines Virtualbox is the most suitable program for this to explore the virtual machines world.

So, below we’re going to walk you through some steps that will help you under, that how you can install macOS Catalina on any laptop.

How to install Mac operating systems on virtual machines?

The process is a bit lengthy. But thanks to god, it’s easy and doesn’t contain coding of something to change in Bios, and command panels, which I hate the most personally. Moreover, we aren’t going to provide you with the A to Z detailed process, and the reason, we’re going to tell you in some paragraphs below.

There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to install macOS Catalina on any laptop through virtual machines.

  1. No doubt firstly you need to install the virtual machines software that is available online. You don’t need proper guidance on this. This is the same as the installation of any game or other typical software.
  2. Secondly, you need to have the ISO files of the operating systems. If you try to install macOS Catalina on a virtual machine. Then you need the ISO file of macOS Catalina. This is also available free of cost online.
  3. Then you need to configure the virtual machine software, which you installed for the first time. The configuration is a bit time taking and also the most important step of the whole process.
  4. After you configure the VM, the final step is the installation process, in which you would need to install macOS Catalina on the laptop on the virtual machine software.

And once the installation successfully completed. You’re good to go. You can install the macOS Catalina or any other Mac operating system on your laptop successfully. Then you can run both the software on a single laptop with just a few clicks

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Our Thoughts: Should you install macOS Catalina on your laptop?

Without taking you to another long path. our sweet and short answer is that not! we do not recommend you install macOS Catalina on any laptop.

Even though Apple allows the use of virtual machines on their devices. But we don’t recommend it. Because it is our policy that if you’re in the slightest possibility of data description or security risk. We don’t recommend our readers do that.

However, we don’t say, that you shouldn’t practice such sort of things. For educational purposes. We do recommend exploring these techniques which increase your knowledge regarding operating systems. And this guide is also just for educational purposes. Because, as we searched online.

We didn’t find any sort of honest guide, that could clear the mind of people on whether to install macOS Catalina on their Lenovo laptop or not.

As you got our recommendations, this is the reason that we didn’t present the detailed guide on the installation of macOS Catalina on Virtualbox on the laptop.

We hope this clears minds of our readers if you’ve additional queries or confusion regarding laptops. Do ask us through your comment. We would be delighted to help you out.

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