How To Replace Cooling Fan In an HP Laptop

change cooling fan in HP laptop

Over time, technology becomes more and more advanced. It is also becoming simpler. Decades ago, when laptops were first introduced. Even opening a laptop wasn’t easy. And we needed to contact a professional repairer. But now, every component in laptops comes individually. 

Now, you can change almost anything in laptops yourself. You can replace the cooling fan, RAMs, Storage drives, etc., yourself without taking the help of anyone or visiting the repair shop. Therefore, today we have brought a comprehensive tutorial on how to replace the cooling fan in an HP laptop.

Today, not only HP laptops but also other laptops come with easy-to-understand and simple designs. Today’s gaming laptops don’t have external batteries, nor do they have DVD drives. So, changing anything in the laptops have become quite simple and easy.

With today’s tutorial, you can’t only replace the cooling fan in HP laptops but almost in any laptop, including Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba. However, there might be a little bit of change in their designs.

Similarly, I work on an HP laptop that is a comparatively new design. So, changing or replacing any component of the computer is relatively easy for me. I can change the cooling fan of my HP laptop just by sliding the back cover and opening a few screws that attach the fan to its position, and done! Afterward, I put the second fan, tightened the screws, slid the back cover, and closed it.

But in this tutorial, we will show the complete procedure of a comparatively old laptop. So, if any of our viewers have older laptops, they shouldn’t get confused. But before that, you need to have some tools.


Mostly, the laptop’s components get damaged due to beds. When people use their laptops on the bed, the backside of the laptop comes in connection directly with the bed’s surface, which results in the increment of the temperature in the laptop, thus damaging its components.

Tools needed for the replacement of the fan in a laptop:

  1. First of all, you need to arrange a set of comparatively small screwdrivers. In emergencies, you can also use fruit knives at home.
  2. Secondly, you need an extra working fan. Keep in mind that every laptop brand manufactures different kinds of laptop components. Therefore, buy the fan of the same brand that you’re replacing with. Additionally, if you find a cooling fan of the same model and same brand, that would be better.
  3. It would help if you also had to conduct glue. Because in old laptops, the wires of the fan used to be connected with conducting glue. So during the replacement of the fan, you might need to detach the cables and attach them back with the conducting glue.

Things to remember for you begin:

  1. Turn off the device and detach all the external things connected to the laptop inducing the modem cable, mouse cable, USBs, etc.
  2. Put the laptop on a flat and stable surface.
  3. Don’t touch and change anything that seems difficult to you.
  4. Manage the laptop gently to avoid unexpected issues.
  5. Make every tool available near you, including the new fan.

How to replace the cooling fan in an HP laptop?

In this article, we will show how you can replace the cooling fan in an HP Pavilion laptop. Here we will consider an older model of laptop. So, that if you figure out any additional problem, we could cover those areas here.

Moreover, if you own a newer model laptop, so, changing the cooling fan won’t be much complicated. 

Remove the cooling fan from the laptop:

  1. Turn off the system and disconnect all the external cables from the laptop.
  2. Unlock the battery and remove that from the laptop.
  3. You might get two screws beneath the battery.
  4. Then, loosen the screws and carefully slide the back cover, and remove it.
  5. Moreover, in many laptops, the back cover also hides the sides of the laptop. So, gently remove the body from the sides of the laptop gently once you remove the laptop’s back cover. The rest process is relatively easy. replace fan in hp laptop
  1. The fan already in the laptop will have two or three screws and the wire and connector attached to the laptop. So, you need to open the screws and detach the wire gently from the connector.change cooling fan in a laptop

Afterward, you can remove the fan from the laptop and attach any new fan in place of the older fan.

Replace the cooling fan in the laptop:

  1. Take the new cooling fan and ensure that it is the same as the older fan.cooling fan in HP Pavilion
  1. Fit the fan in the position of the last fan.
  2. Connect its wire with the board.
  3. Tight up the screws and ensure that nothing moves in the laptop and everything fits in its place.
  4. Again fit the back cover back with the laptop gently.
  5. Then tighten up all the screws in their holes and check if everything is fit in its place.

After checking the screws, attach the battery and turn on the laptop to check if everything works correctly and the new fan rotates without any noise or problem. And hurrah! You have done it! You have successfully replaced the cooling fan in an HP laptop.

What if the fan doesn’t run?

Many times when people change the fan in their laptops. The new fans don’t rotate after turning on the laptop. One of the most common reasons behind this is usually, the fan’s wire doesn’t connect with the connector on the board correctly. And the power doesn’t reach the system.

Therefore, make sure that the wire is connected correctly. Moreover, if the fan still doesn’t rotate when you turn on the laptop. So, the reason might be that the fan doesn’t match the laptop, and you have fitted a different fan with the laptop. So, better to change the new fan.

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Today mostly, you don’t need to take your laptops to repair any longer. The laptop system has become so easy and clean that everyone can change most of its parts.

If the fan in your laptop, including any brand, makes noise or doesn’t work correctly. So, rather than visiting any shop, you can change that at your home and can take help online for free.

In the same way, you can change the RAM, storage drive, and other components of the laptops. However, bear in mind that every element has its own model. So, always try to bring a copy of the same products rather than taking manual products.

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