How To Connect Two Laptops With An HDMI Cable

connect two laptops with hdmi cable

On our website, we try to show hacks and how-tos about topics that aren’t available on the internet. And in search of the same question, one day, Mr. John messaged us, a regular readers of He asked us to show the method to connect two laptops with an HDMI cable.

Upon his request, we researched the topic. Even though the question seems too simple, the process of connecting two laptops has never been easy. Therefore, we took a look at all the possible techniques to connect laptops with an HDMI cable.

Therefore, we decided to share the tutorial as an article. So, not only Mr. John but everyone who is wondering how to connect laptops with HDMI cables could get a comprehensive and easy answer to their question.

Moreover, when we asked the purpose behind this, he said that he wanted to connect two laptops with an HDMI cable to share files between the two devices.

However, we think that there are several easier methods to share files between two laptops other than connecting both laptops with an HDMI cable.

Should you connect two laptops through an HDMI cable?

For a typical person, the question is okay to ask. But those technicians who have been working with the laptops for years know that connecting two laptops with an HDMI cable is never safe, there are several reasons behind it.

First of all, usually, laptops come with HDMI output only, which means that they are capable of transferring data only.

They can’t receive any data from another laptop through an HDMI cable. There might be rare cases where laptops could accept and transfer data through the HDMI cable. Therefore, keep in mind this property of laptops.

Secondly, as the laptops can’t receive data through these cables, there are possibilities that one or both laptops may get damaged when connecting both laptops through an HDMI cable. Because both laptops will have output properties, both will try to transfer data to the second device, making the system hard.

Therefore, we don’t recommend connecting two laptops with an HDMI cable. 

If you insist on connecting them through HDMI cable. So, this might be possible with a different kind of HDMI cable.

How to connect two laptops with an HDMI cable?

There are special kinds of HDMI cables available that can work with laptops to transfer and receive data. Because typical cables have two heads, but that special kind of cable has four heads.

Connect the output head of the HDMI cable to the laptop, where the data is stored. And connect the input head of the HDMI cable to the laptop, where you want to transfer the data.

Connecting in this technique most probably works for you, and you will be able to transfer data from one laptop two another through the HDMI cable.

Best alternatives to transfer data from one laptop to another:

Rather than connecting two laptops through an HDMI cable for transferring data, below we’ve shown a better alternative to share data between two or more two laptops without using any cable. 

Besides, for this method, you won’t need to buy any additional products as well.

Connect two laptops with WhatsApp:

This might make you laugh, but if you use Whatsapp regularly and have installed it on your mobile, you can transfer data between two or several laptops for free.

For this, you need the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and the WhatsApp web on your laptop.

Whatsapp Web is the internet version of this app, which you can use to access WhatsApp directly from your laptop or PC.

To connect laptops, follow the below steps,

  1. Go to from your laptop or PC.
  2. You will get a QR code for scanning along with the instructions.connect laptop with monitor
  3. Then, open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  4. Tap on the three dots on the top right side of the screen.
  5. Click on the “Link Devices.”
  6. Then a page will open with a QR code scanner.
  7. Take your phone and scan the QR code on the laptop.

And done! Both devices have been connected. Create a WhatsApp group with a participant. Then remove the participant from the group so that only you will remain in the group.

Send any data, files, pictures, music, or movie into the group, and access the WhatsApp web from of the laptop or PC.

Finally, download the file on the laptop, and you have received the file on your laptop from the phone.

Moreover, for connecting two laptops, repeat the same process, and connect your mobile phone to another laptop. Similarly, whenever you send any material to the group, and device connected to the group will be able to download the file without any wired connection.

However, with this technique, you can connect four devices only. It means that you can only connect four laptops through this technique.

How to connect a laptop to a monitor?

Connecting a laptop with a monitor is what I have tried many times. Because, mostly, when I edit videos, I recommend bigger screens. Therefore, I connect the laptop to the monitor and edit my videos.

If you’re also trying to connect the monitor to your laptop for the same purpose. The process is pretty simple.

  1. Check out the HDMI port in your laptop and the monitor, and buy an HDMI cable that could fit both devices.
  2. Connect the laptop to the monitor through the HDMI cable.
  3. The monitor often automatically detects the laptop’s commands and shows the second monitor option, which you can approve and start operating your laptop on the bigger picture.
  4. But, if the monitor doesn’t show any option. Go to the settings in the laptops and then go to display.
  5. In the display area, find the multiple display option and click on detect.
connect two laptops with an hdmi cable

The system will pair the laptop with the monitor, and finally, both devices connect. And you can operate your laptop on the bigger monitor anytime without any further hassle.

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When you talk about connecting two laptops with an HDMI cable, we already said that it could be dangerous. However, you can connect your laptop to a monitor to operate things on a bigger screen.

Moreover, connecting the laptop with a monitor and bigger screen is also risk-free. However, did you try this method and find it helpful? Do tell us in the comment section. Moreover, if you have further questions or confusion regarding laptops, Feel free to share your queries.

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