How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering (A to Z) Guide

fix DC jack in laptop

The popularity of laptops is increasing day by day. As technology is advancing and devices are getting more compact and convenient. Except for gamers, laptops are available for everyone in every field, whether you’re a student, doctor, lawyer, or office employee.

The laptop is your best friend. However, today, firms are manufacturing laptops that could run any sort of game from COD to CSGO. Moreover, for me, the best thing about laptops is that they can be charged and used anytime, anywhere.

Well, its benefits are unlimited. Let’s talk about the issues that you encounter using laptops. Like the charging problem, you might wonder how you could fix the laptop power jack without soldering.

Interesting Facts:

Every day, more than a thousand laptops are lost in United States airports, almost equal to the number of laptops lost in airports of the entire Europe.

Is it possible to fix a laptop power jack without soldering?

The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’ In short, it depends upon laptops. Because every brand manufactures their laptops differently, therefore, it depends upon your laptop.

If the power jack in the laptop is connected to the motherboard and soldered. Well, you could hardly fix that without soldering. Because in such cases, you will need to disconnect the power jack from the motherboard and attach a new one.

On the other hand, some brands don’t connect the power jack directly to the motherboard. Instead, they combine the power jack with the motherboard through wires.

Therefore, the power jack is connected to the motherboard through a wire, and your laptop doesn’t work or conduct electricity. In this case, you might be able to fix the laptop’s power jack without soldering.

The process depends upon this. However, we don’t recommend directly opening the laptop and checking the jack. Instead, try out the following methods first.

Check and find out the exact problem:

If your laptop doesn’t charge, it doesn’t mean that the problem must be with the power jack. However, if the power jack is damaged severely before and did work correctly before as well, in that case, you can directly come to the power jack.

But if the laptop stopped charging suddenly, try out the following method first of all.

Check out the AC adapter first:

If the laptop power jack seems perfect and not working. The possibility is that the charger/adapter could have some sort of issue. Therefore, first of all, check the charger. For this, you will need a multimeter/Ammeter to check the power flow in the connector of the AC adapter.

  1. Plugin the charger with the switch.
  2. Take a working Ammeter, and touch the inner pin of the charger connector with the +tive terminal of the Ammeter, denoted with a red wire.
  3. Then touch the outer side of the Adapter connector with the -ive terminal of the Ammeter.
  4. Check out the screen of the Ammeter for reading.
  5. If the Ammeter shows any sort of deflection, it means that the charger works fine. And if the needles of the Ammeter don’t show any deflection. It means that there is a problem with the charger, not the power jack of the laptop.

Double-check the charger, check the other sides of the charger, and again check the current flow with the help of an Ammeter. And again, that doesn’t show any deflection. It means that you need to change the charger.

Because something might have been burned in the adapter or else, move ahead.

Check the battery of the laptop:

fix laptop DC jack

The second possibility could be that the battery of the laptop has a problem. It might have been loosened. It might have been burned. Or it is expired because usually, a typical laptop battery has a lifetime of two to three years.

  1. Take out the battery from the laptop.
  2. Check the charger with the Ammeter.
  3. Connect the terminals of the Ammeter with the terminals of the battery. And check whether it shows deflection.
  4. Moreover, connect the laptop to the charger to see if the laptop starts.

If the laptop starts, it means that the charger and power jack work fine and the battery is faulty. If the laptop doesn’t start, it means that the power jack has a problem because it should have checked the charger before, and that should have worked fine.

Therefore, there is no choice but to fix the laptop power jack.

Fix the laptop power jack by opening the laptop:

When you get assured that the problem is caused due to the laptop’s DC/Power jack, there is no fix for it rather than opening the laptop and checking how the DC jack is connected to the motherboard.

  1. Take the screwdriver and a tweezer, and start opening the screws.
  2. Unlock the laptop from the sides with a tweezer, and remove the cover.
  3. Then don’t remove the screws of the whole laptop. Check if the side of the power check has a separate section.
  4. Remove the screws of that section.
  5. Check the DC jack connection, whether connected directly to the motherboard or with a wire.

Moreover, we have already asked what sort of power jack could you fix without soldering. If the DC jack has a wire, there are possibilities that any of the wire has burned. In most cases, you can change that wire, and problems are resolved.

But if the DC is connected to the motherboard directly, You will need to remove that jack and solder a new DC jack in its place. However, we recommend you take that to any repairer in that case. Because every laptop needs a different power jack and if you connect the wrong one. It could cause the whole motherboard to make the laptop of no worth.

How to keep your laptop healthy:

Below, we have mentioned some tips to help you maintain an error-free laptop for a more extended period.

  1. Never put your laptop in charge for a longer time. Because keeping the laptop on for longer charging can lead to a decrease the battery life. Moreover, due to the risks of electricity fluctuation, the charger or the power jack could also burn, especially in developing countries.
  2. Never install heavy games or applications on your laptop if they exceed the laptop’s specifications. Because such programs heat up the laptop instantly, causing an explosion in the battery or burning the laptop’s components.
  3. Always use the laptop on a stable surface. An unstable surface can easily disturb and balance and cause severe damage to that laptop.
  4. Don’t carry the laptop in typical bags. Always have your laptop in laptop-specific bags because such bags can absorb the impacts of crashes and keep the laptop damaged-free.
  5. Always use keyboard covers on the keyboard of the laptops. Because this is the primary reason, the dust particles get into the laptop.
  6. Always avoid using a laptop while charging, or try to use less when the laptop charges.

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The power jack is a little bit tricky to fix at home. Therefore, try to find the reasons behind the problems at home, and if you’re confused fix the laptop power jack without soldering. It is better to consult on laptop repairs rather than fixing them at home.

But it doesn’t mean that you should take your laptop to a repair shop. Today laptops are built with the basic techniques and most of the things you can fix at home while taking help online.

Consequently, did this article increase your knowledge? Do tell us in the comment section.

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