How To Make Silicone Keyboard Cover Stick On Laptop

stick keyboard cover on laptop

You might have heard of a phrase that sometimes small things can do big things and can help you avoid bigger losses. The term seems to fit the silicone keyboard cover. And a silicone keyboard cover that costs not more than $20 can save your laptop worth thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, I learned that time, when I lost my favorite laptop.

Therefore, a silicone keyboard cover is a must if you want to keep your laptop alive and free from dust and other things.

Applying a silicone keyboard cover on a laptop might seem pretty simple. But let me tell you, it’s pretty tricky and doesn’t fit anywhere easily. Therefore, in this article, I have brought up some simple steps that can help you to make a silicone keyboard cover stick on a laptop keyboard.

Well, not only laptop keyboards, but your computer keyboard is also worthy. Nowadays, we’re seeing new models with thin and light keyboards. Isn’t it wise to spend a few more bucks to safeguard your items worth hundreds of dollars?

Interesting fact:

Using a keyboard cover in laptops or PC keyboards can lead to double the lifespan of the keyboards and laptops.

One of the reasons the keyboards don’t last longer is that dust particles go under the keys of the keyboard with time. Hance creates problems while pressing the keys. 

Besides, keyboards are also the area from where dust spreads inside the laptop rather than filters or fan windows. Because when you work on the laptop, the fan blows out dust particles from its surroundings.

Make Silicone keyboard cover stick on laptop:

Before, stick the silicone keyboard cover on the keyboard of a laptop or desktop. Remember to turn off the device. Because if you try to stick the cover without turning off the laptop. It will press many buttons and might open, delete or do something that mightn’t be difficult to fix.

  1. Take a piece of rag and clean the surface of the keyboard thoroughly. And try to take out every small stuff under the keyboard buttons.
  2. We recommend you remove the keyboard from the laptop, thoroughly clean it entirely, and then install that again.
  3. As the keyboard surface is entirely clean. Now, you should open up the pack of the silicone keyboard. Moreover, also get your hands clean, or else the stains of dearth will appear beneath the silicone cover.
  4. Please don’t put the keyboard silicone cover directly in its position. Instead, first, measure the cover with the keyboard; how much longer does that cover?
  5. Then gently stick the silicone keyboard cover from one side of the keyboard and carefully move on to the other side.
  6. While sticking the silicone keyboard cover, it creates a bubble beneath the cover, gently rubs the silicone cover and pumps that out from the side.
  7. Then gently rub your hands on the silicone keyboard cover several times so that the cover sticks to the keyboard entirely.

Once the cover sticks to the laptop, turn on the laptop and notepad. Press every button individually if every press reacts. 

As everything goes okay. It’s done! Now, your laptop will live another couple of years, and the cover will also increase the keyboard’s lifespan.

Tip: Always buy a silicone keyboard cover that matches the laptop’s model. Because, if you buy without considering its size. It will instead be much smaller or larger. If you buy more oversized covers, it will make a hurdle for the laptop when closing that, and a minor cover will be of no worth.

How to clean the silicone keyboard cover:

Next time, when the cover feels sticky due to continuous use. Do not take that off the keyboard because this will finish the cover’s stickiness. 

Instead, turn off your laptop or PC. Take a piece of clean rag, spray some water on the rag and gently clean the cover stuck on the keyboard. It will remove the stickiness from the silicone keyboard cover.

Moreover, don’t type with bare hands on the keyboard when you eat something because it will cause stickiness on the keyboard cover.

Secondly, Do clean the surface of the cover once a week at least. This will lead to cleaner and softer typing on the keyboard.

Why should you use a silicone keyboard cover?

The answer is short and straightforward. To protect your laptop. As I said already, I lost my laptop because I hadn’t covered the keyboard with a cover or anything else. 

Moreover, I always used to use my laptop during tea breaks, watch movies, and even during dinner. One day at home, when I was working on my laptop, I spilled a cup of tea on the keyboard. It all spread on the laptop and went to the motherboard and burned that.

Like this, I lost my keyboard, however, thank god, the hard drive remained safe.

Moreover, it also protects the laptop against dust. Therefore, always cover your laptop’s keyboard with a keyboard cover to avoid heavier loss.

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If you’re an employee or student. Laptops are one of the essential belongings. Therefore, always take precautionary steps in digital products because a single mistake can lead to reversible impacts.

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