How To Connect AirPods To Lenovo Laptops Windows 10

connect Apple Airpods to Widows 10 laptops

No doubt that evolving technology is bringing new and different things to our lives. Before few decades, where a typical computer used to occupy a complete room, today that is fit on our table.

And a few years ago, when we used to have everything connected through a wire, now most devices and gadgets come wireless, such as Airpods. Today, ‘we’re going to show how you can connect Airpods to Lenovo laptops using Windows 10.

Mostly we use Airpods with smartphones, but, I personally use that with my Lenovo laptop. Because, at the office, I work on a laptop, and connect the AirPods with the laptop in breaks. And at home too. I mostly spend time on my laptop, therefore, I connect AirPods to My Lenovo laptop, when my wife sleeps.

For, me pairing the Airpods with my Windows 10 laptop is pretty easy, and didn’t think I would write a brief guide about it. But, today, my colleague in the office asked for the Airpods, and couldn’t connect that with his laptop. I realized that many times, simple things are also pretty much challenging for people.

Therefore, I decided to explain, how anyone can connect Airpods to Lenovo laptops or desktops having Windows 10.

So, that they could do it without confusion. The paring of Apple Airpods or any other brand’s Airpod is a quick and fast process, which we’re going to show just in a few steps.

How to connect Apple Airpods to Lenovo laptops:

If you want to pair your Apple Airpods or any other Airpods with your laptop, the first thing you should check is whether the Bluetooth on your laptop works properly. Because, there is only one way to build a connection between the Airpods and the laptop, which is Bluetooth.

Why do we say to check the Bluetooth? Because, if your laptop doesn’t have an original copy of the operating system, the Bluetooth feature doesn’t work properly. Therefore, it’s always better to check such things.

Then you can start to connect both devices.

  1. Start your Lenovo laptop.
  2. Click on the Windows icon on the left bottom side, and go to settings.
  3. In the settings area, click on Devices.
  4. On the devices page, you’ll get Bluetooth and other device options.
  5. Then toggle the button to turn on the Bluetooth, and it will start searching for the devices to pair.connect Airpods to Lenovo laptop
  6. Afterward, open the cap/lid of the Airpod.
  7. Click and hold the button behind the Airpod case, until it spreads the connection to nearby devices.
  8. Check the light of the Airpods, and when, it turns white, check the available devices on the screen of the laptop. Airpod
  9. You will surely get the Airpods connection. Click on the option to start pairing.
  10. Once the pairing connection succeeds, you’ll get a message on the screen of the Lenovo laptop.

Now, the Bluetooth connection has been established between the devices, and you’ve connected Airpods to a Lenovo laptop. Now, you can enjoy your movies, songs, and other videos without disturbing others surrounding you.

Moreover, there is no need, how to disconnect the Lenovo laptop from Airpods.

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The newer versions of the Airpods work almost with every device until and unless they have the connection option. Moreover, I personally use Airpds instead of headphones, because Airpods are tiny, and can fit in a pocket, so I can carry them anywhere anytime.

Moreover, in the case of Apple Airpods, you might get problems with the pause and change of the songs, because, Apple MacBooks and iPhones use different software, which might not be present in your Windows 10 laptop. Therefore, when connecting Airpods to the Lenovo laptop, sometimes, you might get such issues.

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