How To Connect Laptop to Smartphone using Whatsapp

connect laptop to smartphone through WhatsApp web

No doubt, WhatsApp is one of the worlds leading communication and message software, whose users are continuously increasing. According to the latest stats in the year 2021, the number of Whatsapp users crossed 2 billion becoming the world’s most-used message app. Moreover, the Facebook messenger app remains in the second spot and WeChat in the third with a global 1.3 billion and 1.2 billion users respectively.

Due to the increased popularity of the app, Meta is continuously introducing new features and functions in the app to increase further increase its world domination. One of the functions that most people are unaware of is that you can connect your laptop to a smartphone using Whatsapp.

This feature was initially introduced in 2015, but within these seven years, its company has brought many enhancements to the feature, that most people don’t use other traditional ways to connect their laptop to their phone.

In fact, today, you can share almost anything between your laptop, PC, and smartphone through Whatsapp just in some seconds. Whether that is accessing contacts, files, movies, photos, or anything.

Because, when first it was introduced, the feature didn’t work properly on most devices, but now, due to its efficiency, you can see that every second smartphone has Whatsapp, and every third smartphone user shares data between devices through Whatsapp.

For example: personally, when I go for printing different things in the printing press. I usually share the software copy of documents on designs through WhatsApp, which further problems with the connection with the laptop or desktop.

And if you’ve not used this feature of Whatsapp yet, I bet you would absolutely love this feature. Moreover, when it comes to the question, of how to connect the laptop to a smartphone using Whatsapp. The answer is pretty simple just like the process.

You can establish a connection between your laptop computer and smartphone through WhatsApp in just three simple steps, which we’re going to take you through below.

So, without taking much time, let’s get straight to the point!

How to connect the laptop to a smartphone using the Whatsapp app:

The process of connecting a laptop to a smartphone through WhatsApp is pretty straightforward. The only things you need for this are your laptop or desktop, your smartphone with the WhatsApp app installed on it, and an internet connection. Then you’re good to go!

  1. First of all, open the laptop, go to the browser, and visit On this interface, you’ll get three steps to guide you along with the QR code, which you need to scan with the smartphone’s WhatsApp Messenger app.
  2. Now, open the WhatsApp app on the smartphone. Click on the three dots in the right top corner of the screen.
  3. Then click on Linked Devices > Link a device.
  4. The phone’s QR code scanner will open, scan the QR code showing on the laptop, and be done!

The devices have been connected successfully. Now you can share files between your laptop and phone seamlessly within a few seconds.

Alternatives to connecting the laptop with the smartphone:

Today, if we search for alternatives to any sort of software, we get an endless list of alternative software for similar purposes, with few changes and drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of the Whatsapp web that we saw is that currently, you can share data with a limited size.

When It was first introduced users could transfer files of a maximum of 10MB from one device to another, which now has increased to 1GB. This means that you can share files through WhatsApp web which has a maximum size of 1GB, which we hope will increase with the upcoming updates.

As we said there are a lot of methods to share connect a laptop with a smartphone and share files and data. But the two fastest alternatives to WhatsApp are the use of Cable or cloud drives.

Moreover, no doubt that each one has its own benefits and disadvantages.

For the cable, you must always have the cable with your whenever you get to share files between the phone and laptop, which is impossible I think.

Secondly, the cloud is the new way to store and share files between devices. With the cloud storage option, you can store an unlimited amount of data on the cloud which you can access anything anywhere with any sort of digital device whether that is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

But the cloud might be the best option for most people due to their high monthly price as per your storage demand. Therefore, currently for daily use the could service isn’t recommended.

So, again, for daily use, and sharing of files between friends, office, and at home, the best option we think is the use of Whatsapp, which you can access for free on any device in the presence of an internet connection.

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No doubt WhatsApp has provided the solution to many users, therefore, it is the most successful messenger app in the world. Moreover, as Meta is continuously offering new functions in Whatsapp such as online payment, scanning, etc.

It seems that the Inc is serious and has bigger plans regarding the app. And talking about the connection of a laptop with a smartphone using Whatsapp, this is one of the convenient ways to share files between devices instantly for free.

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