Lenovo Legion 5 VS ASUS ROG Strix G15


Regarding gaming laptops, no doubt these two laptops will always be among the top on the list. The Lenovo Legion and the ASUS ROG series laptops. Therefore, today, we’ve brought a comprehensive and in detail comparison of both laptops.

Lenovo Legion 5 vs ASUS ROG Strix G15? Well, for many people it is quite difficult to answer this question. And for many, who want to buy a gaming laptop, it isn’t easy to choose any one of these two laptops.

The good news is that, if you plan to buy a gaming laptop and can’t decide which one you should buy the Lenovo Legion 5 or the ASUS ROG Strix. Then after reading this article, you can easily make your final decision and buy the best between these two laptops.

In the following paragraphs, we will compare the ASUS ROG Strix G15 with Lenovo Legion 5 in every critical aspect, such as display and design. The features and specs of both laptops are present.

The battery life of both the laptops, and most importantly the price range of both the laptops.

talking about the price, you should know that both series introduce more variants, and each variant has a different sort of RAM, Processor, and storage, etc. And therefore, the price range also differs.

So, it won’t be easy to compare both in the price tag, but we’ll definitely, compare the variants and bring an overall review of the price tag of both laptops.

So, without taking much time, let’s get straight to it!

Lenovo Legion 5 Versus ASUS ROG Strix – Which one is the best:

Let’s start a comparison of both laptops in different respects, and upon our research and observation, finally, we can make our remarks that which laptop is better in which case and why.

Look and Design:

There are many colors you can get both laptops in. But usually or mostly, you might not be able to get your choice. There are currently two colors available for Lenovo Legion 5. The silver color and black color.

On the other hand on Amazon, you will get a black color ASUS ROG Strix, unless you find another color on its official website. Both the laptops seem cool. The designs of both laptops are quite different.

On the one hand, the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop has an extra side behind the screen, which makes it a little different, the ASUS ROG’s screen is connected to the main part with two slides only. Which for many seems a little bit easier to get damaged.

But it definitely brings a good side to the design. Overall, both laptops are quite impressive in terms of look.

If we didn’t have extra space behind the screen, we could get a much bigger screen ratio. which definitely would be a plus point. And the ASUS ROG Strix G15 seems a little bit like it has to be used carefully because the two slides connected with the screen and main part.

overall, the screen size of both laptops is balanced, and the weight also doesn’t differs a lot. So, I would say that Lenovo Legion 5 is my personal preference because I am a bit careless person (Don’t get serious).

Specifications and Performance:

Well, talking about gaming laptops, and not comparing the three fundamental parts. The RAM, processor, and Storage. That’s impossible.

As both laptops come in gaming range machines. Both have some of the most powerful specs out there, whether we talk in terms of RAM, processor, storage, etc. Both laptops come with AMD Ryzan processors at different price tags.

Moreover, the RAM capability differs from 8GB to 32GB, and you can buy your own choice of machine depending on your need.

Coming toward the storage option. Again both series introduce different variants. You can get an SSD option for storage from 500GB up to 2TB.

And again the variants largely affect the price of both laptops. And finally the graphics option. And if you guessed the Nvidia GeForce gaming graphics then you’re right. Both laptops come with GeForce gaming graphics options, making them best for gaming or graphics-intensive jobs.

So, in short, both laptops the Lenovo Legion 5 vs ASUS ROG Strix G15 comes with more than enough graphics power to be able to run any sort of video game.

Screen And Display:

The display is the criterion where you’ll definitely see a big difference along with the price. So, keeping the price for the following paragraphs, the screen size of both laptops comes in similar sizes. But the clarity and features that you get with the display are very different.

Lenovo Legion 5 comes with IPS 15.6″ Full HD display, and most importantly it comes with a 165Hz of refresh rate. Which is definitely quite impressive for gaming and other graphical stuff.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG claims to have a 15.6″ FHD display along with a spectacular 300Hz refresh rate, which I haven’t seen in any other ASUS laptops yet.

This ratio of refresh rate definitely brings another level of gaming joy to us and can easily addict a person to gaming.

The build of the screen of both laptops is perfect. We can see that there is very little space remaining on the four sides of the screen, enabling it to be as big as possible.

In terms of screen and display capability, I certainly give an edge to the ASUS ROG Strix gaming laptop, because, it comes with some of the most impressive screen options that you can think of in a gaming machine.

Price Tag:

Well, we talk about the fundamental features of both laptops. And the final basic feature is the price tag. I would say that there is a huge price difference between the Lenovo Legion 5 and ASUS ROG Strix. The best variety of the Lenovo Legion 5 comes with a whelming price tag of $1,579.

On the other hand, the ASUS ROG Strix G15 comes just less than two grand. You can get the ASUS ROG Strix for $1,905.

And the difference of almost $300 also brings a huge gap between the features of both laptops.

But again, after comprising the most important features of both laptops, I can say that both have tried to keep the price range as low as possible.

The in my view, the increase in the price range of ASUS ROG Strix is mainly its screen features. It comes with some of the best screen options out there.

So, again, if I need to get the most joy out of gaming I will choose the ASUS ROG. But the price is the most important factor to me. Then I will go with the Lenovo Legion 5, or lower versions of the ASUS.

Additional Attributes:

There are some additional features that we need to consider before going towards the final verdict, such as the cooling system, the battery backup timing, etc.

Bot the laptops comes with two cooling fans with advanced and enhanced cooling chambers, which enables you to play games for more time tirelessly and without burning the system.

On the other hand, talking about battery life, If you play both laptops at their best performance settings, you’ll get the ASUS ROG getting battery down a bit quicker than Legion 5.

Because it uses also energy running that Octa-core processor and 300Hz of screen refresh rate.

Overall, I would say that the additional features of both laptops don’t bring much difference, and both come in very near competition in terms of their other basic features.

Lenovo Legion 5 Vs ASUS ROG Strix G15:

Lenovo Legion 5:

Lenovo legion 5
Lenovo Legion 5

ASUS ROG Strix G15:

ASUS ROG Strix G15


Coming toward the final verdict, there is no doubt that both laptops come with some of the most spectacular and powerful features.

The ASUS ROG, on the other hand, is the ultimate gaming machine by ASUS, the Legion series was introduced for those who want gaming machines but not is a crazy price range.

In my opinion, you can decide on your final machine upon its price tag. If you can good money then definitely go with the most powerful variant of the ASUS ROG Strix.

But if you want something on a lower budget, maybe between $1,000 and $1,500. Then you can think of other variants of the ASUS ROG Strix. And there I would say to choose Legion 5. Because in this price range, Lenovo will be a better option.

How did you find the comparison Lenovo Legion 5 Vs ASUS ROG Strix G15 laptop? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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