How To Reduce Screen Size On HP Laptop

reduce screen size on HP laptop

I remember when I had initially gotten my PC, and didn’t about anything. And even if I had to delete something, I used to ask others, that how could I delete a particular thing.

Similarly, today also, there are a lot of people who get their laptops or desktop computers for the first time. And get difficulties with their laptops especially. Therefore, today we decided to bring a guide on how to reduce screen size on an HP laptop having Windows 10.

this might seem a piece of cake for many people. On other hand, this is a big challenge for many newbies, as I can relate this to myself.

One day, I was working on my computer and playing the Bayonetta game. Accidentally my fingers touch any key, which maximized the screen and disturbed the gaming. I remember till today, that it took me two days to fix that because I didn’t know about that. And finally, after two days, I visited my friend and he fixed that for me.

Similarly, if you’re someone, who has mistakenly changed the screen size on your HP laptop, and wants to reduce that again to the initial value. You’re at the right place. Below, we’ve shown different methods to adjust screen size on HP laptops.

How to reduce screen size on an HP laptop?

There are different units for measuring the screen size of laptops, desktops, and smart TVs. The first method is inches, which is used to measure the external size of any screen, which we’re not talking about in this article.

But the official unit used is Pixels. This unit is used to specify the resolution of any screen or in other words the clarity of any screen. Laptops with higher pixels show clearer pictures on the screen.

Therefore, it is always recommended to buy laptops with higher screen resolutions.

How would you reduce the screen size on an HP laptop?

The answer is that most times, even the biggest display laptops come with unclear resolution power. Therefore, the best way to make them clearer is to adjust and reduce the display size on those laptops.

Secondly, many times, people mistakenly press any key that maximizes the screen size and disturbs the display. So, therefore, it is very important to apply the correct process to fix the problem rather than worsening them.

So, if you’re in such conditions, follow the simple quick steps below to readjust the screen size on your HP laptop computer.

The easiest way to do this is from the home page.

  1. First of all left click on the home screen. And from the options appearing, click on the Display settings. This will open the display settings area.display settings area
  2. Now, in this settings area, you get two options for display.
  3. The first option is for the size of texts, and apps, etc. This option changes the size of overall texts, and apps on the screen of your laptop. With this option, you can rather reduce or increase the size of applications, and text on your screen.
  4. Additionally, the display resolution settings will adjust the overall screen size. For example; if you reduce the display size on your HP laptop, the visible area will decrease and the remaining extra area will be shown as dark. Other times that we don’t see this dark area is because the operating systems automatically fetches the display size and adjust the resolution as the laptop’s requirements. adjust screen size on HP laptop
  5. Now, just choose the recommended options back from these two settings, and the screen size will turn back to its initial position instantly.

Moreover, below this option, which appears as Multiple displays, this option isn’t related to screening size. It is used to create dual monitoring of laptops.

This is how you can readjust the screen size on your HP laptop including all those laptops that run on Windows 10 operating system.

Moreover, as Windows 7 is concerned, if you’re a person who still uses Windows 7, you should follow almost the same process.

But be sure that the interface of the settings area will certainly seem different from the screenshot above. But you can follow the above steps and change the screen size on HP laptop Windows 7.

How to change lock screen picture on HP laptop Windows 10?

With the new update of the Windows 10 operating system, now you can fix a lock screen display on your laptops just like the lock screen on your smartphone.

If you also want a picture on your laptop in sleeping mode, or when locked. The process is quite easy and quick.

This option could be accessed from the personalization area. Left-click on the homepage, then click on Personalization below the Display settings. The personalization area will open. From the sidebar, choose the lock screen. and now from the screen, select your favorite image or you can also upload a picture from the storage of your laptop and apply it as the lock screen on your HP laptop Windows 10 in just a few steps.

How to change Font in HP laptop windows 10:

With the latest version of Windows 10, now you change the font style of your computer, just like you do on your mobile phones.

To change the font size on your Hp laptop, left-click on the homepage. Then go to the personalization area.

Then from this settings area, choose fonts from the sidebar. Now, you can drag and drop your favorite font style from the available list.

Or you can also install fonts from Google or Edge and apply them as font style on your HP laptop.

change font style on HP laptop

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In this article, we show how you can reduce the screen size on HP laptop with Windows 10. Moreover, we also guided our readers on how they can adjust the text size on their laptops including applying a lock screen picture and changing the font style.

How did you find this tutorial do tell us in the comment section!

Moreover, if you’ve further queries regarding your Windows 10 HP laptops or any other brand of laptop. Feel free to ask us.

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