How To Set Up Dual Monitor With a Laptop Using HDMI Cable

set up dual monitor with laptop wirelessly

Today dual monitors are becoming common. Because except for smartphones, people love everything in a bigger size. The same is the case for laptops. Now, almost every computer professional has set up a dual monitor with a laptop using an HDMI cable.

Because the laptop’s screen sizes are usually around 16 inches, and the maximum is not more than 21 inches. But on the other side, today’s monitors come with a screen size exceeding 74 inches.

Therefore, dual monitors help professionals in many cases especially, professional video editors and designers. 

Below, we’ve brought a simple guide that will help you set up a dual monitor on Windows laptops and Macs.

Set up dual monitor with a laptop using HDMI Cable:

HDMI cable is one of the most convenient ways to extend a laptop’s display or set up a dual monitor. Moreover, if you use Windows 8 or 10, the process is too simple. Because Microsoft introduced this feature years ago and can work on a variety of devices.

To set up a dual monitor with an HDMI cable, you need to buy a cable that can connect to the laptop and the monitor.

  1. Firstly, connect both the laptop and monitor through the HDMI cable.
  2. Turn on both devices.
  3. After turning on your laptop, an automatic option might pop up for dual screens.
  4. If not, simply press the Windows button + P key, the choice will pop up.set up dual monitor with laptop using hdmi cable
  5. Choose the ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Second screen’ option.

Finally, the laptop screen will be showing on the monitor. The above two options enable users to watch movies, show presentations, and design things and meetings on a bigger and clearer screen. 

Moreover, the ‘Extend this display’ option enables you to move the cursor between the two screens. This option doesn’t copy the laptop screen to the monitor. Instead, it will extend the screen like half showing on the laptop and half on the monitor.

Moreover, in place of HDMI cable, you can use many other connectors too. Such as HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, or USB Type-C. The rest process is similar to those mentioned above.

However, it’s necessary to check the compatibility of the monitor with the laptop. Because many times, due to incompatibility between the two devices, the option for the dual monitor doesn’t work.

Set up dual monitor with Macbook using HDMI cable:

If you want to set up a dual monitor with your Macbook using an HDMI cable, you can do that too. First, check the ports on your Macbook and the monitor and arrange a suitable HDMI cable.

Besides, if your Macbook requires another cable, those cables could also work for this process.

  1. Connect the Macbook to the monitor through the cable.
  2. Turn on both devices.
  3. Go to the system preferences > Display in the Macbook.
  4. Then go to the arrangement page.
  5. On this page, follow the written instructions and check off the ‘Mirror display’ box.connect laptop with monitor wirelessly

Now, you can experience the Macbook on a bigger screen. Moreover, you can also select the ‘Airplay display’ mode for the monitor.

Finally, you can operate anything on your Macbook through the larger display and enjoy the 4k movies.

Connect the laptop to the monitor wirelessly:

A dual wireless monitor is a better way to operate your laptop on bigger screens. If you want to wirelessly set up a dual monitor with a laptop, then Windows OS and macOS both support wireless connections. But the problem may be with the monitor.

Because the typical monitors or TVs don’t have an option for a wireless connection. Therefore, you’ll need smart monitors or TVs to connect those with the laptop wirelessly.

To set up a dual monitor with laptop wireless!

  1. Start the monitor and go to the settings.
  2. Then turn on the pairing for the wireless connection.
  3. Afterward, start the laptop and go to the settings.
  4. There go to the display settings area, and you will see the ‘Multiple display’ option.connect laptop with monitor wirelessly
  5. Click on the detect button so that the system finds the connection.
  6. After finding the monitor, pair the monitor with the Windows laptop.

Multiple screens have been created. You can do anything on the bigger screen while using the features and power from the laptop. You can play games, edit your videos, and watch movies continuously.

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I personally use two monitors with my laptop. Because, being a professional video editor, laptop screens seem a bit smaller. Therefore, I connect my laptop to my 4k monitor to edit next-level videos.

Moreover, if you want to operate on bigger screens, setting up a dual monitor is the best and easiest way. So, check out our guide, and if you’ve further questions, feel free to ask us through a comment!

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