How To Share Docking Station Between Two Laptops

connect devices with docking station

As technology advances, digital products are surrounding people. The demand for unique features also rises. Today, people love to handle everything with a single product, just like a remote control. Although today it might not be possible to control everything with a single digital product.

There is no doubt that shortly, we’ll have such remote controls. Today, one of the biggest problems with laptops is their screen size. Laptops have relatively smaller screen sizes than people need; besides, being a portable product, it isn’t possible to fit a 52 inches big display with the laptop.

However, there is a solution for that called a docking station. You might not be able to carry a big monitor wherever you go, but you can share a docking station between two laptops or connect your laptops with a thor monitor straightforwardly.

The best thing about a docking device is that it is entirely portable and can be carried anywhere with a laptop. And when it comes to connecting multiple devices with the laptop, a single docking station is enough without further entangling wires and cables.


There is a special kind of docking station named universal docking station. This dock could work with a large variety of devices except for Mac laptops.

What is a docking station for a laptop?

docking station

The term dock refers to connected devices, and a docking station is a portable device that could connect your laptops, monitors, desktops, and keyboard and mouse.

The docking stations extend the display from a laptop to a bigger monitor just by pressing a button and make a dual monitor with a laptop

Different professionals use docking stations for various purposes. For example, I use a docking station to connect my monitor with the laptop, keyboard, and mouse to operate things from my laptop on bigger and more transparent screens.

When I am at home, I connect my laptop to the monitor and work on that for clearer details, and when I go to the office, I carry the docking station along and connect my laptop to the bigger display in the office. This is how it eases my work and instantly connects devices.

But before going toward sharing a docking station, you would surely need to buy one. Therefore, there are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a docking station.

Things to consider before buying a docking station:

The first thing you need to consider is to check how many ports your laptop has. There could probably be more than one port. Like mine has six ports, including three USB 3 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI port, and a thunderbolt connector.

Moreover, when it comes to the monitors, usually they have USB 3 ports, so there should not be a problem with those ports. After observing the ports on the laptop and monitor, you need to check the model of your laptop.

Buying a similar brand of docking station with your laptop is crucial. Because usually, a mismatched brand of docking station and the laptop don’t work together.

Moreover, the number of holes or connection ports in the dock is also essential. There are several kinds of docking stations in the market. But we recommend you buy a docking station with a maximum number of ports.

Moreover, if the docking station comes with a couple of cables, that is too good, if not, don’t forget to buy a suitable connecting wire too.


If your laptop doesn’t connect to the dock even after checking all the above considerations. The problem would be due to the drivers. You need to install additional drivers to connect your laptop to the docking station.

How do we share docking stations between two laptops?

You can share devices through multiple methods; you can connect laptops with HDMI. You could also join them wirelessly. But pairing or connecting with an HDMI cable is time taking and needs a lot of different wires. And what I hate a lot about that method is the entangled wires.

But with the docking station, you’re headache-free and can connect multiple devices instantly. 

Moreover, almost every second docking station requires different techniques for connection. Therefore, it might not be possible to show it here.

However, you can read the instructions for the guide that comes with the docking station. Here we’re going to show how a typical docking station could be connected with different devices and shared between two laptops.

  1. Turn on the devices.
  2. Connect the laptop to another laptop or monitor through a cable.
  3. Then connect both devices to the dock.
  4. Afterward, connect the keyboard, mouse, and speakers to the docking station (if needed).
  5. The connecting devices should produce an alarming sound as a result of a successful connection.
  6. Finally, press the button on the dock, and the devices should get connected. Besides, many times the screen sizes between the monitors don’t match.
  7. This problem could easily be fixed from the settings on the laptop.
  8. Left-click on the mouse, and go to the display settings. share docking station between two laptops
  9. On the page, go to the ‘Rearrange displays’ and select the ‘identify’ button. connect two laptops
  10. Fix the screens and save the settings.

Now, you can use multiple displays instantly without further hassle. And next time, while connecting the devices, connect them through the wire and press the turn-on button. You’re good to go and enjoy your work.

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If you want to share a docking station with two laptops, or you want to connect your monitor to the laptop through the docking station. This guide is going to be pretty helpful to you. Moreover, if you have additional questions regarding establishing a connection between a laptop and a desktop through a dock, feel free to ask us. We will reach out ASAP.

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