How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

how to keep laptop cool while gaming

Did you know that a hot laptop can melt a cat? It’s true. And why would anyone want to kill their cat? The answer is simple: heat, baby. In this how-to article, we’re going to talk about how to keep the laptop cool while gaming or doing more intense tasks.

Since laptops were created, they’ve been known for their heart problems. If you don’t believe me, check out the first video of this 3-video series by Mrwhosetheboss: “All about my laptop’s heart issues “. This is where it all began…

A little bit excessive, maybe? Maybe not. You might be surprised how much damage a hot battery and CPU can cause to your laptop over time.


Most parts of the laptops can tolerate heat up to 70 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit, after exceeding this limit the plastic components of the laptops start to melt. Until the highest degree of heat generated by a laptop has been recorded at 110 degrees Celcius.

How does the cooling system work in a laptop?

Ok, how do we solve this problem? First, we need to understand how a cooling system works – besides the one used in cars – and how it affects our computer components’ temperature. In short, heat can be transferred three ways:


 Heat is transferred from a hot object to another one that’s in contact with it. For instance, if you put your laptop on your lap while playing games, the excess heat of the computer will be passed through your body to the skin and then dissipated by convection. Convection – heat is exchanged between fluids with different temperatures. So how does this affect us? Airflow, baby! When we have more airflow around our components, they are cooled down faster. 


That white stuff is called “radiation”. Your CPU radiates some severe amounts of heat. And the complex cooling systems help to throw this heat out of the system through cooling fans, and tubes. Laptop cooling systems have a complete circulation system that allows changing the hot air to cool air in the laptop’s components.

In short, the cooling system in laptops works precisely the way our heart works in our body. If you learned about the heart in your biology subject in school, the heart sends oxygenated blood to the cells through arteries and pulls back the deoxygenated blood through veins. The exact process works in the modern cooling systems of laptops.

How to keep laptops cool while gaming?

cool down laptop while gaming

Use laptop stands:

Most of us usually work taking our laptops on beds or our legs while sitting on the sofa. Even though we don’t play games at that time, it can heat up the laptops to an exceeding level due to airflow blockage.

Because the bed’s surface directly hits the laptop’s surface, which disturbs the path for the cool air to circulate properly. Suppose you’re habitual of carrying a laptop on your legs. In that case, the laptop’s radiation could also heat up your leg, and as conduction, the temperature further rises in the laptop.

A laptop stand is the best option to use while working on the laptop in beds and sofas. Today laptop stands could be fitted and altered to different positions helping you to use them almost anywhere.

Place the laptop on a flat surface and away from any heat-generating devices, such as TVs:

You mightn’t be focusing on this but using laptops on heat-generating devices also impacts the laptop. Because if you play games on your laptop near heat-generating devices.

That particular area gets hotter than other regions of the room. Hence, the fan can’t get enough cool air from the environment to circulate in the system.

In the desktop case, it is more important because most people use monitors and the CPU side by side. Or you put the CPU in the detained chamber or boxes, which doesn’t allow the air to flow in the system independently. And finally, it results in a quick rise in the heat of the system.

Keep vents clear of dust and debris with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner:

Dust particles in the system or on the wings of the cooling air can decrease the cooling system’s efficiency by 30%. Because when the dust particles flow in the system, they carry heat, and rather than transmission of cool air, the same heat reaches the corner of the laptop.

Therefore, always try to use your laptop in a dust-free environment. Moreover, it’s also recommended to check the clean the laptop at least once a week.

Use cooling pads to dissipate heat where the laptop rests on your lap:

Cooling pads are also effective to decrease the effect of heat on laptops. Today different kinds of cooling pads are available online. You can buy one and fit it on the laptop, which can help you to keep the laptop cool while gaming.

But before buying a cooling pad/laptop cooler, always check if that fits your laptop because every cooling pad doesn’t fit every laptop.

Don’t place your laptop in direct sunlight for extended periods:

Many people love to set up their systems near Windows. And direct sunlight can devastatingly affect the system. Because from one side, the laptop releases heat while gaming. And on the other side, the sun is also exposing heat externally on the laptop.

Direct sunlight radiation can increase the heat in the laptop by 2x while gaming. Hence it can also result in the melting of the sensitive components of the laptop.

Therefore, try to work far from the sun’s rays, or always put curtains in the path of the sun.

Close all unnecessary open programs before playing games to prevent overheating:

The more you work on the laptop, the more it generates heat. Similarly, opening multiple programs on the laptop heats various times. In the laptop.

Therefore, always try to close all the unnecessary programs while gaming on the laptop. It can help in the treatment of heat as well as save battery.

Do not overload your laptop:

Every system is limited, and so is the laptop. Never try to install games and programs which are far heavier and need much more specifications than your laptop has.

Overloading your laptop with games can destroy the system, hanging, lagging or burning out due to excessive heat.

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The laptop is an ever-evolving device, and it has come a long way in terms of power and capability. But even with all the advances made to reduce heat generation over time, laptops still get hot.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to keep your computer from overheating without having to spend hours reading about different methods, we hope these suggestions helped!

What other tricks do you use when using your laptop? Let us know in the comments below.

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