How To Play Roblox On a Laptop Without a Mouse

play Roblox on laptop

Roblox is one of a kind community that I had always dreamt of. After playing for more than three years, I can say that it is one of the best and most family-friendly games ever. Perhaps you also agree with this.

We know that You can play Roblox almost on any device, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. However, PC and laptops are the best media to enjoy this game.

While playing the game, you might have wondered, if you could play Roblox on a laptop without a mouse. 

Could you control the game entirely with a keyboard?

Below we will try to try to answer this question. If yes, so how? And If not, why not? But before that!

What is Roblox?

Many people initially think that this could be some sort of game similar to Minecraft. But that’s false. The truth is that Roblox is a free platform, which relies on gamers or user-generated content. You can also think of it as a special kind of store, especially for gamers.

On the play store, you can download apps put there by the users, and Roblox is the platform where the players provide different modes within their community. You can create an account and access that community. And can play games with other live players.

The platform is entirely accessible to people. However, if you want to experience an entire game without irritating ads, you will need to spend some bucks by buying some Robux, which is the platform’s virtual currency.


Every month, about 64 million people visit the platform and choose 15 million games. Moreover, although the website is free to access, it collects more than $500 million every year as donations to keep the platform running, Roblox Website.

The majority of the players on the platform are between 10 and 17, which means that just like many games, teenagers are the most active players in the community.

So, now back to the main question!

Can you play Roblox on a laptop without a mouse?

Well, the short and sweet answer is Yes. You can play Roblox on a laptop without a mouse. But it is most probable that you mightn’t get complete control of the game in some places which might make it harder to play the game.

You can use different buttons on the keyboard as an alternative to the mouse’s buttons, additionally for the movement of the character. The keyboard has various buttons that allow the user to move the character.

How to play Roblox on a laptop without a mouse?

So, if you want to test, or your mouse suddenly stopped working. Don’t worry! You can still continue your game with the combination of different keys.

  • To move ahead or back, you can use the arrow up and arrow down buttons on the keyboard. Moreover, pressing the ‘W’ key also moves the character forward, and pressing the ‘S’ key moves the character backward.
  • To move left or right, you can press the right arrow and left arrow or move the character sideways by pressing the ‘A’ key and ‘D’ key.
  • To Zoom in and Zoom out in character, you will need to put your two fingers on the laptop’s touchpad and move both fingers back and forth for zooming in and zooming out of the character.
  • Suppose you want to change the angle of the camera to see up and down. For that, you need to press the buttons’ Page Up’ and ‘Page Down.’ On many keyboards, these keys are also labeled as ‘pg up’ and pg dn.’
  • And lastly, to jump over something in the game on Roblox, use the SpaceBar.

And hurray! Now you can down need to touch the mouse while playing games on Roblox. You can do anything entirely using the keyboard. However, pressing buttons instead of the mouse may be harder to play with. 

Therefore, a keyboard is enough to play games on Roblox. But if you want to get the full enjoyment of the games. Then keeping a mouse with your laptop is a must.

How to install and play Roblox on a laptop?

Playing the Roblox game is fun and enjoyable. You can play any game out of thousands after following some simple steps.

  1. Firstly, You need to create an account on the official website of Roblox. Provide your name, email, DOB, and a strong password. The website will create your account. How to play roblox on a laptop
  2. Then choose any of your favorite games, and click on the game to move ahead.
  3. Then click on the green button to start the game. roblox game 
  4. Here if you hadn’t installed the Roblox player before. So, before starting the game, the Roblox player will need to be installed on the laptop.  play roblox on PC without a mouse
  5. If the player is installed already, the game will initiate in seconds, and you can enjoy your gaming on Roblox.

Moreover, if you want to install the Roblox Studio on your laptop, you will need to go through the same process for the Studio.

Which operating systems support the game?

Almost every operating system supports the Roblox game. However, you might face some issues in a few games if you install them on Windows 8 or 8.1. Moreover, the game is fully compatible with the most used and popular OSes.

Additionally, you don’t need to build a special kind of PC system to run the game. The game is so light that you can play it on any typical system without laughing or other issues.

What to do if the game runs slow on a laptop?

Well, it’s sporadic that the game faces any lagging or gets slow on the systems. But there is a solution for this too.

You can use the “Roblox Speed Scripts.” These scripts help your avatar to move quickly and respond in a blink of an eye.

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Well, the game is famous among teens and kids under the age of 15. A group of developers introduced the platform back in 2006. And without these 16 years, the creators have added many beneficial and exciting features to the Roblox platform. 

Moreover, if you’re a pro player of Roblox, you can also earn a decent amount of money through the platform.

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