How To Use a Roku Stick On a Laptop (Complete Guide)

Watching movies and TV serials is my passion as well as my hobby. When it comes to watching movies in Full HD resolution, I die for that. If you’re someone like me, you should have heard of the Roku Streaming Stick. Or you might already have installed that in your home theatre.

However, I usually use a Roku stick on my laptop because I don’t have a cinema-type TV yet.

But still, I enjoy streaming movies and shows on my laptop. Moreover, if you’re someone fond of watching movies and TV serials on a laptop, a Roku stick could be something you want to use with your laptop/PC. However, using a Roku streaming stick on a laptop is a bit tricky and different. 

You can’t directly plug the HDMI cord into the PC or laptop and start streaming. For that, you need to go through some different steps, which we will mention below.


Roku has more than 56 million active users per month. In just half of 2021, more than 2.7 million new users were added to the Roku community.

What is Roku Stick?

Roku stick is a small streaming device used to watch online movies, Dramas, Shows, and Documentaries on TV in 4K resolution.

The Device was introduced by Roku Inc first in 2008, and still, the company has been releasing new models of Roku Stick for better and clearer streaming.

Use Roku stick on a laptop:

Using a Roku stick on a smart TV is relatively straightforward and could be connected in a few steps. But due to some limitations on the laptop, you need a different approach to use the Roku stick on a laptop. 

Because laptops and PCs have only output HDMI cords. It means that it can provide output signals only. In comparison, smart TV has an input HDMI, which allows the Roku stick to send signals to the TV.

Therefore, you’ll need to connect the Roku streaming stick to the laptop wirelessly.

  1. Open any browser on your laptop.
  2. Then go to the website. This website allows you to connect Roku to the laptop wirelessly and enjoy seamless streaming on the Device. use roku stick on pc
  3. Click on the Signup button from the top right section of the screen and create an account or directly sign in.sign in to roku
  4. Then visit the settings area and find the suitable plex media server for your laptop’s operating system, whether you use Windows OS, macOS, or Linux.
  5. Click on download the preferred server and install that on the laptop.
  6. After the successful installation of the media server, click on the app to start it.
  7. Sign in with your account and then go to the Roku Channel Store and subscribe to that.

Afterward, turn on the Roku stick and connect that to the Wifi connection. A strong wifi connection is mandatory if you want to use the Roku stick on a laptop wirelessly.

The Roku stick should automatically pair with the laptop or PC. If not, manually visit the installed server on the laptop and connect that laptop to the Roku stick. 

After a successful connection, you can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and serials in Full HD high resolution.

Should you Install a Roku on a PC or laptop?

Some people are addicted to movies. The best way to enjoy movies and TV dramas is to watch those on bigger screens. Nowadays, every brand launches its own smart TVs. But the problem with those is that they are costly and cost thousands of dollars.

If you’re rich enough to buy a super multiplex TV, then it mightn’t be a problem. But if you’re an average man like me, you’ll need to cut off some months to buy a big-screen smart TV. 

By the way, I am already collecting money for a Samsung Curved Full HD smart TV. If you watch movies on your laptop. Believe buying a smart TV won’t be a regret for you, especially when you’re addicted to film.

Step Up Roku stick on a smart TV:

The best way to watch movies with a Roku stick is a smart TV. The smart TV comes with unique and specific features to watch movies and shows online in high-definition resolution. And if you’ve bought a Roku streaming stick and are wondering how to connect that to your smart TV, then follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  1. Plugin the TV and the Roku stick to the circuit.
  2. Then connect both devices through the HDMI cord.
  3. Take the Roku remote and go to the Roku connection.
  4. Pay the fee, verify the email and get the activation code sent to you. Just visit the Roku Streaming page. And watch any movie you like in Full 1080 HD resolution.

Before installing a Roku Stick at your home, don’t forget to establish a fast internet connection because a slow connection will interrupt the movies with lagging and low resolution.

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Roku stick is a popular streaming device that allows users to watch movies and shows with complete clarity. Moreover, the price of the Roku stick is also reasonable. If you have a smart TV in your home, a Roku stick is worth trying.

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