How to Turn Off ASUS Anti-Surge

Laptops, PCs, and many other electronic devices need protection. It helps that your electronic devices should not be harmed and it protects your laptop. During a power surge or spike the charger and the battery of your electronic devices are hit first. Our many laptops come with the anti-surge tool and you can just on and off the anti-surge tool only using the settings. Many people want to just turn off it and today you will know how you can just off it. To do this you do not need to hard work because I will share the steps and you should follow them to Turn Off ASUS Anti-Surge.

Now I will share the steps with you because you should get it and you should solve your problem.

How to Turn Off ASUS Anti-Surge

Now I will solve the problems of many people. For some people, it is a big problem that they can not solve but now I will share step by step with you. You can do this on any electronic device but the main is that you should follow the steps. There will not be any problem inside your phone if you just follow the steps that I shared with you. When you just turn off it and then you just want to just turn on it you should just follow the same steps but the opposite. I will share the steps in an easy way for you.

1: First of all, Go to BIOS and turn off the Protection Features.

2: You should select Advanced Features.

3: Then choose Monitor and tap on the Anti-Surge support.

4: Set it to disable and you will see a message on the monitor upon successful deactivation.

You should follow these steps if you want to turn off the Asus Anti-surge. On any electronic device have the Asus Anti-Surge. So, These features will help you just to get away from that problem. I hope you get it without any problems with your laptops and many other electronic devices. The enabling or disabling is controlled by the via BIOS.

Is it Safe to turn on ASUS Anti-Surge?

If you are thinking that we just turn off the ASUS Anti Surge. So, you think very right because it is safe to turn off ASUS Anti Surge. There should not be any confusion about whether the ASUS Anti Surge support is safe or not. When your motherboard is faulty, the Anti-Surge is a must on your PC. But, the other main thing is when your PC doesn’t have such power stability. Turning off the Anti-Surge is a must at any time because there will be problems inside your PC. But when you just turn off the Anti-Surge you will face many problems and the problems will come only while playing games. I hope that you just solve the problems easily.

What Will Happen After Disabling Anti-surge

Another thing is that you are thinking about what will happen after disabling the anti-surge. There are some problems after disabling the anti-surge. One of the problems is that when you are playing games after that you will face many problems but not too many. That problems are not too hard you can solve them easily by yourself. But, if you want your PC should work smoothly you should enable the Anti-Surge. In some cases the Anti-Surge is good but in some cases, it is not good too much for the PC. There may not be any problem turning off the Anti-Surge only sometimes there will be a problem.



At the end of this title, I will say that whenever you want you can just turn on or off the ASUS Anti-Surge. If you just turn on it you will find many problems inside your PC. Sometimes it may help you in a situation because sometimes it is helpful also. When your motherboard is not working you can just turn off the Anti-Surge. You should follow the steps if you want to turn off the Anti-Surge whenever you want.

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