8 Best 17-inch Laptops Under $1000 In 2023

best 17-inch laptops under 1000

For me, screen size is one of the most crucial factors when buying a smartphone, TV, computer, etc. And when it comes to laptops, screen size is what I observe first. Because I always want my gadgets to have bigger screens.

Therefore, there can’t be a better option than a 17 inches laptop. Similarly, many others also like laptops with bigger screens. Therefore, in our today’s guide, we’ve brought the list of 8 best 17-inch laptops under $1000.

Although usually, laptops with bigger screens come with bigger price tags, we’ve researched and found eight laptops, that are under 1000USD and have big 17 inches full HD screens.

I am a gamer, and love to carry my laptop to my friends to team play. Why do you like laptops with big screens? Do share with us in the comment!

Moreover, except for the bigger screens, we have also tried to bring laptops that have powerful processors, RAM, and graphics. So, that you can play games, work in an office, or watch your favorite movies in full HD.

Therefore, the below laptops aren’t famous for their bigger screens only, but also for their power, design, and battery backup!

Let’s get straight on the list!

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8 best 17-inch laptops under $1000:

1: ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop:

ASUS laptops are best known for their powerful processors, and RAM fit for gaming. The first laptop in our list of best 17-inch laptops under $1000 is the ASUS TUF F17 gaming laptop.

The TUF series was designed especially for gamers, with an affordable price range. This laptop has a Core i7 10th Gen processor along with 17.3 inches big Full HD IPS display.

This 17.3″ laptop is made for gaming on the go with smooth gameplay and sharp visuals. It has an ergonomic keyboard that’s made specifically for gamers, making it easy to get lost in your games for hours on end.

The laptop’s backlit keyboard provides clear keystrokes even in dim lighting, and its large touchpad makes it easier than ever to control everything from moving characters to choosing weapons.

With a nimble design and comfortable, full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad, this ASUS notebook lets you game anywhere at home or on the go.

The world’s best processors are built right into your ASUS TUF Gaming laptop to give you unbeatable computing power for gaming, entertainment, and multitasking.

With a dedicated graphics card on your PC, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games in crystal clear detail. Experience crisp visuals for a more immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, it comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM just for 849USD. Browse the web or switch between apps smoothly and seamlessly while enjoying great performance and long-lasting reliability. Access your files and applications quickly with a 512GB solid-state drive that provides fast read speeds.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics keep you immersed in detailed, vibrant visuals as you race across the track or explore new worlds. This powerful card delivers smooth gameplay for your favorite media content even at low resolutions, high settings, and maximum visual quality.

2: Dell Inspiron 3793 17.3” Laptop:

The Dell Inspiron 3793 17.3” laptop has a stylish and sleek design with its brushed aluminum chassis. The backlit keyboard makes the computer easy to use in all lighting conditions.

Moreover, it is equipped with a number pad for accurate data entry. This model is lightweight; only weighing 7.63 pounds, making it a little bit heavy to transport from place to place.

It also has an integrated battery that can last up to 10 hours on one charge, making traveling much more convenient because there is no need to carry around power cords and chargers.

With this laptop’s touchscreen display, navigating through different programs becomes effortless as well since you can simply tap or swipe the screen instead of having to click unresponsive keys on the keyboard.

This Dell model laptop comes with several different processing options, but one of the most powerful things is the Intel Core i7 processor 1.3 GHz with 10th Gen. Also, memory plays an important role in determining how fast your laptop can run programs.

This system has 8 GB DDR4 RAM which will allow you to work much more efficiently than before. With 512 GB SSD, users will be able to save files directly on their hard drive instead of in an external case because it holds so much information in such a small space without any lag time or worries about losing data due to power outages or viruses/malware.

The Intel Graphics Coprocessor is a helpful feature that allows users to multi-task and operate multiple programs at once without having to worry about slowing down the computer since it can handle all of the graphics.

If you’re fond of Dell laptops, the Dell Inspiron is one of few models that have 17 inches screens, because, mostly Dell doesn’t manufacture bigger-screen laptops.

3: Newest HP 17.3″ HD+ Display Laptop:

The third on the list of best 17-inch laptops under $1000 is the new HP Pavilion 2021 model. The HP Pavilion 17.3 Display laptop is a versatile and powerful performing laptop that is loaded with the most important features a great laptop should have.

The G6-2000 2QB Laptop has a large storage space, which has a capacity of 1 TB HDD, so you can store all your necessary files and data on this laptop without any worries.

Its reliable processor will perform flawlessly giving undisturbed services for longer hours even when it is running heavy applications.

The HP Pavilion 17.3 Inch HD+ display laptop comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM that facilitates its smooth performance by keeping multiple applications open at the same time without any lag or frame rate dropping problem at all.

With an integrated graphics coprocessor from Intel, the system runs smoothly and delivers good quality gaming experience.

A Bluetooth adapter for WLAN connectivity and an optical drive that makes it easy to read CDs, DVDs, etc., will allow you to enjoy a truly flawless performance from the laptop.

With its six-cell battery, this laptop can run up to ten hours without any interruption as per general usage conditions.

4: 2021 Newest HP 17z Laptop: Best buy 17-inch laptop under 1000USD

The new HP 17z laptop might seem a bit less powerful than the other laptops on the list. But the best thing about this laptop is its design and portability. This laptop comes with a one-inch thick body with a weight of 4.5 pounds only making it easy to carry anywhere.

The HP 17z laptop is a compact and lightweight device that has the capability of maintaining the same level of performance as full-sized laptops.

The notebook computer sports an ultra-slim design which makes it easy to carry around, yet does not sacrifice features or performance. It houses many useful accessories such as a built-in DVD drive, USB ports, and slots for various cards like SD cards and MultiMedia cards (MMC).

The screen measures 17 inches diagonally with an IPS panel capable of LED backlighting which offers brighter images than standard displays. It boasts a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels so users are able to enjoy high-quality videos without any visible pixelation.

The HP 17z is powered by a 2.4 GHz AMD A-Series dual-core processor and an AMD Radeon R4 graphics card with up to 32 GB of DDR3L memory. It has 1 TB of solid-state storage space which gives it enough room to accommodate all of your programs, games, and multimedia files.

This notebook computer also comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology for wireless connections to peripherals such as keyboards and mice along with 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity for high-speed Internet access via a wireless router or modem.

The HP 17z laptop is a great choice for users who want a powerful gaming machine without being not bulky or heavy to carry around comfortably in public areas or in school.

It features a sleek, black exterior design and the case is made from high-quality TN (Twin-Nano Crystalline) plastic. The keyboard accompanied by this unit is spill-resistant with backlit keys to make typing easier in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, when not in use it can be easily folded up and secured into place by closing the screen over the keyboard to protect it from dust and scratches. In short, this is my one of favorite 17-inch laptops under $1000.

5: ASUS VivoBook 17.3″ FHD IPS LED Backlight Premium Laptop:

The ASUS VivoBook FHD 17.3″ is a premium laptop with impressive specs and crisp visuals. The design of the VivoBook follows modern trends, which take it further than plain plastic and straight lines.

The cover has a brushed metal finish and gently rounded corners, giving it an upscale feel. It does not just look that makes this lightweight laptop stand out from the crowd.

With its 8GB of memory and 256GB solid-state drive (SSD), fast performance is guaranteed no matter what channel you’re surfing. A responsive backlit keyboard lets you work in dim lighting conditions while the embedded fingerprint reader makes your device even more secure.

Its aluminum alloy back cover has an attractive matte finish which makes it durable as well as sexy. The display screen is large, bright, and clear with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution which gives you sharp and detailed images as well as vibrant colors to enhance your viewing experience.

The ASUS Vivobook is fitted with a high-quality long-lasting battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge while its sleek lightweight design at only 5.07 pounds makes it easy to carry around when traveling or commuting.

It features all standard connectivity options such as one super speed USB 3.0 port, two normal speed USB 2.0 ports, an SD card reader slot, and Bluetooth v4.1 for wireless communication with other compatible devices such as speakers and headphones, etc. And the full-size HDMI port enables you to connect this laptop to an external monitor or HDTV.

6: MSI GF75 Gaming Laptop: Best 17-inch laptop under $1000 for gaming

The six on our list of 8 best 17-inch laptops under 1000USD is the new MSI GF75 Gaming Laptop with extraordinary features and specifications.

MSI’s gaming laptop, the MSI GF75 is packed with high-quality hardware parts. This laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB SSD storage making it one of the most powerful gaming laptops on our list.

Moreover, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics processor delivers the best gaming experience and beautiful visuals for games and videos.

The MSI GF75 features an RGB keyboard that has a per-key customizable RGB backlight which you can personalize to highlight important functions or match your unique style.

The unique Steel series Apex M750 RGB promises gamers incredible performance, quick response times, and enhanced durability for long gameplay sessions.

You can display a 4K video with its crisp, stunning resolution (3840 x 2160). MSI’s True Color Technology guarantees to deliver the most accurate color reproduction possible.

The MSI GF75 also comes with Dolby Atmos surround sound that delivers a 360-degree immersive audio experience that puts you right into the heart of all action.

MSI laptops aren’t famous like HP or Dell, but in recent years, the company has manufactured some of the most sold laptops in Asia and Europe.

7: 2021 Newest HP Envy Laptop:

The new HP Envy crosses the 1000USD price a little bit, but due to its exceptional, features, design, and specifications, we decided to add it to our list as well.

The HP Envy is an excellent addition to your laptop collection. This new model features a smooth silver case that looks great in any setting.

The first thing you’ll notice about the HP Envy is its large display screen, which also boasts full 1080p HD video playback and 1920×1080 pixel resolution. And with 16GB of RAM, you can run multiple programs at once without worrying about speed or memory issues.

The Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor offers extraordinary processing power, giving you fast performance for compute-intensive tasks like 3D rendering and multi-tasking in addition to the 17-inch laptops under $1000.

When it comes to storage, this HP laptop includes 256 GB of solid-state drive (SSD) memory for quick startup times and reliable data access. You won’t have to wait around for your programs to load.

Moreover, you’ll always have options thanks to the built-in Intel Iris Xe graphics processing unit. For high-resolution digital video output, it includes dedicated HDMI and DisplayPort connections.

Want to get social? Easily link with other people using the built-in HP TrueVision HD webcam with dual array digital microphones. And when you’re not in a video chat, use Skype with an integrated 802.11 ac Wi-Fi connection to stay connected while on the go! You can also connect wirelessly with devices around your home or office using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

With its long battery life, you’ll be able to use this laptop practically anywhere recharging! The HP Envy is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a solid laptop with HD graphics and excellent processing power most importantly, a big Full HD screen.

8: Acer Aspire 3 thin laptop: best budget 17-inch laptop under $1000

Coming towards our last laptop in our list of best 17-inch laptops under $1000, the Acer Aspire 3 thin laptop is an excellent choice for the ones who perform heavy workloads since it has 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD.

This unit also features an advanced Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor with, 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution, and Bluetooth connectivity. Acer Aspire 3 thin laptop weighs 6 pounds and its dimensions are 16.5 x 11.4 x 0.97 inches.

The model comes in a black color option, which makes it look elegant and classic at the same time.

When people hear that you need to buy high-end laptops for gaming that cost thousands of dollars they usually turn away from even considering it as a viable option for them.

They assume that if you want to play the latest games you need to be willing to spend a lot of money on a laptop that can handle graphically demanding games.

The Acer Aspire 3 is not an expensive laptop and it will allow you to play most new titles on medium settings. It has a 17.3-inch screen, which makes it large enough for many gamers, but it is also lightweight so carrying it around from room to room isn’t going to be a strain.

This Acer Aspire is the only laptop included in our list by the Acer company. So, if you’re a Taiwanese and love made in Taiwan laptop, the Acer Aspire 3 is the best laptop for you with 17.3 inches big FHD display.

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Usually, Tech firms try to make their products more compact and portable. But in the case of laptops, people still love wide-screen laptops. Therefore, almost every laptop manufacturer introduced their 17-inch laptop series, which is the biggest screen size ever.

Today’s guide includes some of these laptops that have big screens, powerful processors, large memory, and bigger storage.

How did you find these best 17-inch laptops under $1000 machines? do tell us in the comment section, and also don’t forget to subscribe to our email list to get new deals and guides that are worth reading.

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