How To Install Shaders in Minecraft on Mac


I am a huge Minecraft lover. I am pretty sure, if you’re searching for shaders, so do you! Well, in this short article I will quickly explain how you can install shaders in Minecraft on Mac laptops.

Well, this might be easy for most people because they have been playing Minecraft for years. But I also know, this isn’t easy for newbies. I still remember my first days, playing it and mixing everything.

So, don’t be shy if this is your first time installing shared in Minecraft on Mac and you’ve reached our guide.

Well, the process is quite straightforward, but you’ve to consider some of the things, that might show you errors while installing or using shaders in Minecraft.

Therefore, it is a better idea to take step by step guide from tutorials, that will help you install and use shaders smoothly. So, without taking much time, let;’s get straight on to it!

Install shader in Minecraft on Mac:

Don’t worry the process is quite short, therefore before how you can install shaders specifically on mac. Firstly, lets me clarify some things for our readers. Mostly, the new players, don’t have an idea of what shaders are. So, for them, let me explain it shortly.

What are shader packs:

These packs are essential parts of the Minecraft game, that completely enhance the look of the Minecraft world. It clarifies everything such as lighting boxes, oceans, etc. In short, these packs make you enjoy the game much more.

Now, it should be clear what is a shader. So, now let’s get, to know how you can install specific shaders.

Download shaders in Minecraft:

  1. First of all, you need to choose a website, from where you can download a variety of shaders. You can visit, and you will get a huge list of shader packs that you can download. Moreover, there are a lot of other third-party websites, that allow you to use shaders from them for shader
  2. While choosing any shaders, the most important thing you need to consider is whether the shader is compatible with mac. Because not every shader is compatible with Mac laptops. So, you need to read their description and also confirm that you are going to download a compatible version of the shaders on your mac.
  3. After choosing a pack click on the download button. Most of the time the download should automatically start, or might be given the option to wait for some seconds. So, as the UI says, after that the download starts and completes successfully.
  4. Afterward, I also recommend downloading the Chocopie13 pack. The same steps you can follow to download this pack. Once both packs are downloaded. Or you can also download additional shaders if you wish to.

Download and install Optifine on Mac:

This is compulsory. Actually, Optifine is the software that will allow you to install a shader in Minecraft. Therefore, before installing the shader packs. You need to install the Optifine first. You can download and install Optifine from the official website of Optifine (, or any other reliable source.


The downloading is quite straightforward. When you lend on the download page. Read somehow about it if that is what you thought. Just click on the download button from the right side.

One thing you need to be careful about is that the version of Optifine is the same as the version of Minecraft. Miss-matching versions could show any unexpected problems ahead.

After downloading the OPtifine, the installation process is also simple just install any typical software or application. Click on the icon and double-click to start installing that.

Once the installation completes. You can start the Minecraft game and you should be able to see the Optifine icon automatically on the interface. which means until now everything is awesome.

Install optifine

Install Shader packs:

Well, the difficult part has passed. You were able to install Optifine, now you just need some other steps to complete the process.

  1. Start the Minecraft game, and click on Options > Video Settings > Shaders.
  2. This will option the shaders folder for you. Then you need to check if the shaders packs are compressed.
  3. Usually, the ChocoPie is compressed, but the rest shader packs are not. So, before moving them to the shaders folder in Minecraft. Right-click on the folder, and click on Compress Folder.
  4. Then you’ll see that all the files are compressed. You can drag and drop the compressed files in the Shaders folder. And that’s it!

The shaders have been installed successfully.

One thing you need to know is that on Mac you might get bugs with the shaders. Which you can easily solve by searching the communities, or directly on google.

Wrapping Up:

The process seems quite easy. But no doubt that most who do it for the first time get a lot of problems, and this guide will surely help them overcome those problems

Moreover, how did you find this guide? Feel free to share your thoughts, and if you’ve anything else to ask.

You can comment below so we could start a discussion!


Q: The resolution doesn’t seem good in shaders. What should I do?

Well, if the installed shaders don’t look good while gaming, it means that there are some settings you need to fix first. You can check the settings from the shaders settings area by clicking the bottom right bottom in the shaders folder. And if you can’t fix that manually, you can get help from google to manage those settings.

Q: I am getting an error regarding Java while installing Optifine.

It should mean that you don’t have Java for Minecraft. so, you need to install the specific version of Java. And if that is not the case, then you should open the game and try to reinstall the Optifine. Hopefully this time you won’t get the error.

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